Balloon Ideas


  1. Tie us to the back of your ex's car 
  2. Tie us around your ex's doorknob 
  3. Drop us around a bachelor party 
  4. Hold us around your favorite local riots 
  5. Tie us around your dog and let him run everywhere
  6. Tie us anywhere around your friend's house
  7. Tell your boss to fuck off with these in his office
  8. Bring us to your birthday parties 
  9. Family gathering? Bring us there too 
  10. Pair us with roses for your lover 
  11. Someone parking like an asshole? We got you
  12. Feeling like the movie UP? Also give them a piece of your mind 
  13. Spice up your sex life and put us around your bedroom
  14. Tie us around yourself and walk around for a political/fashion statement 
  15. Be the balloon holding asshole at raves

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